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About Us

Our core values

We commit to always putting animals, the environment, and abused women and children first.
We always stay true to our high ethical standards and will not make decisions that will adversely affect our causes.

Systemic Change

We support long-term, sustainable impact over short-term gains.

Transparency & Integrity

We ensure 100% of your contributions reach the cause you are supporting – no administration and no transaction fees are ever deducted from your efforts.

Unbiased , Non-Partisan Operations

We collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders on a non-partisan basis, fostering relationships with individuals and organizations who share our commitment to unbiased, apolitical animal welfare and support for abused women and children.


We encourage community-centric projects to improve the well-being of pets and animals with creative solutions that also address the environmental and social needs faced by local communities.


Our mission is to create a lasting, positive change in order to protect all animals, the environment, and abused women and children, as well as support the unsung heroes who go above and beyond for these causes on a daily basis.

We strive to create awareness where none exists, fund projects in countries that are poor and in crisis, create education for long-lasting change, and ensure this world is a better place for everyone. We are all long-time advocates for the protection, care and betterment of animals, the environment, and women and children. We have gone above and beyond to speak up and give a voice to the voiceless, as that is what will make the impossible possible. We aim to leave a positive legacy behind on this beautiful planet.

Our promise

100% of the donations we receive go directly to projects we have carefully vetted.

The team of the non-profit is completely voluntary and receives no financial compensation. We do this work because we are passionate about these causes, and this allows us to directly give all donations to these causes in order to facilitate the greatest impact. To ensure projects are viable and sustainable, one of our directors will do a site visit for each and every project.


In order to be leaders for the voiceless and create visibility for long-lasting change, we must:
~ Allow animals to have the freedom to live their own lives without exploitation, captivity, and abuse.
~ Protect the environment so it can flourish for decades to come.
~ Provide women and children with immediate options and tools so they can leave abusive households and situations of sexual exploitation!

Where we work

We work in countries in dire need of support and where we have expertise and local presence. These are places that, due to high unemployment, lack of education opportunities, or political or economic crisis, would have significant difficulties meeting their needs locally.

Focus areas

We focus on animal welfare, the environment, and abused women and children.

Cookies & Data protection

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